NetReset Modem and Router Power Cycle Internet Connection Automatic Reset Timer

Most issues associated with the Internet being down can be solved by power cycling the modem and router. However, doing so can be a challenge. NetReset resolves network issues by offering automated sequential power cycling.

This means that when the modem and router are plugged into the device, they are powered up at different times. The modem is powered up first, then a minute later, the router is powered up. This rebooting will occur at initial setup, every 24 hours and after a power failure. Do you have a modem/router combo? No problem! NetReset will also power cycle the modem/router combo.

  • Automatically resets user's Internet every 24 hours
  • Maximizes Internet speed & reliability
  • Eliminates media stream buffering
  • Hands-free Internet reset
  • Resets hard-to-reach modem/router
  • Less Internet downtime
  • No need to manually reset
  • Reset occurs at programmed time
  • Updated information from Internet service provider
  • Proper reboot after a power failure
  • Resetting allows equipment to auto-correct issues